The MacQuarrie Book Scanning Project
***under construction***

Work is currently underway to scan and place on line the book Clan MacQuarrie--A History, by R. W. Munro and Alan Macquarrie. MacQuarrie history from the beginnings to the 20th century.  Published in 1996 by Bruce McQuarrie.

We hope to be able to have this entire history available on line in the near future.  Work is now underway by the members of the MacQuarrie mailing list to get this material in digital format and Bruce McQuarrie has officially given his permission and blessing for this project.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Matt Newsome, moderator of the mailing list.  Links will become active as the chapters are scanned and uploaded.  Please give us some time and continue to check back.

--A History--

R. W. Munro
Alan Macquarrie

Dedicated to the late John R. MacQuarrie
of Pugwash, Nova Scotia